Online Slots – Superstitions and Misconceptions

Online Slots

Unfortunately, we experience with increasing frequency with the staff of DeluxeCasinoBonus that the beliefs and superstitions surrounding gambling, including online slot machines, are increasingly penetrating the human mind, wrongly!

  In our next article, we have collected for you the misconceptions that we most often hear spread by word of mouth among players. In any case, we want to remove the veil from these incorrect ideas and pour clean water into the glass, so that the truth takes over and the rumors can be swept aside once and for all. In 5 points, we have gathered an explanation for your possible doubts.

Slot machine misconception: Counterfeiting

The idea of falsification is one of the biggest fears that immediately turns on in our brains like an ominous siren when we hear the word gambling. There is partly a basis for this ingrained negative reaction, as the online casinos of earlier times were not exactly known for their reliability, but this has undergone a lot of development these days. Legalization quickly swept the gambling market, providing security for the cultivation of the game at quality levels.

If you still belong to the camp of skeptics, it’s not a problem either, as specific data on this is already easily available, so you can check the licenses of both game development companies and online casinos with a few clicks.

It is important that reliable gambling platforms and game providers make it clear on their website what kind of license, i.e. operating permit, they have, which, if you can’t find it even after researching, is more than an ominous sign! Among the prominent internationally recognized licenses is the Maltese MGA license, which is regulated by the European authorities, and another reputable license is the UK Gambling Commission – UKGC, which was created for the full protection of British citizens.

Slot Machine Myth: Gambling is not reliable

Online Slots

Before the given online slot machine can appear on your monitor, it must go through a test developed for casino games operated by an independent agency. These agencies review gambling, its segments and test their random number generators with millions of spins in the deepest details.

You don’t have to just believe this fact either, because after a successful test, the independent agency issues a certificate, which you can check on the given platform just as easily as the license authorization mentioned above.

Each and every slot machine is designed by the game providers so that the online casinos can earn a few percent of the money collected. The remaining larger percentage represents the percentage that the slot machine will pay back to players over its lifetime. We call this rate of return Return to Player, RTP for short. So if, for example, a slot machine has an RTP of 96%, it is bound to return 96% of the money invested as winnings to players over its lifetime.

Slot Machine Myth: Online casinos can “intrude” on slot games

Many misunderstandings are also caused by the fact that for a given slot machine game, the game developers publish several RTP values (in most cases 3), which online casinos can decide to choose. This does not mean that they can enter any value themselves, just that they can decide with which of the 3 options the RTP is available on their own gaming platform. That’s why it doesn’t matter what web interface we play through. The top online casinos that we have collected for you on the DeluxeCasinoBonus page usually set the highest available RTP for their slot machines for the benefit of the players.

Unfortunately, the majority of people also have a trust problem with the payout frequency of the slot machine. All video slot machines are equipped by the developers with a so-called random number generator (RNG), which guarantees that no spin depends on the previous one. The winning rounds are completely random, it can happen that you pocket large sums of money one after the other, or even that nothing happens for quite a few rounds.

Slots Myth: New slots are more profitable than their predecessors

Online Slots

We also often hear the conspiracy theory that new games offer more profitable rounds than their long-established predecessors. Fortunately, we can disprove this as well, although it is good to keep an eye on this area.

For game providers, changing the RTP value of a slot machine would mean huge expenses, as the game would have to go through time-consuming and complicated independent tests again and again, which was already mentioned above. This would not be worth it at all for the game development companies, we have not seen such a change in our career.

On the other hand, an interesting point is that we cannot be sure that the volatility of the game is a set in stone that cannot be changed by the game developer. As the variance changes, the RTP value remains the same, but we either rarely see large winnings or more often smaller payouts. Although such a change can cause confusion in the airwaves, regardless of this, the slot machine returns the amounts of money to its players in the form of prizes in the same proportion as before.

Slot machine misconception: Bigger prizes are followed by smaller ones

We can offer a very simple rebuttal to this, namely that all existing slot games work with a random number generator. It may happen that by sheer luck you actually run into cases where, after a stagnant period, a really huge prize suddenly explodes in your lap like a bomb, but no algorithm plays a role in this. This color is pure coincidence. It can also happen to you that you receive large payouts with 2 consecutive spins, or you only manage to get small prizes for a long time.

  This is exactly what makes this industry so exciting, and the game developers build on it, so that you never know what awaits you at which spin.

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