The game offer of the online casino should suit you!

online casino

Players are allowed to play in an online casino that is reliable and has a good reputation for its fair attitude, if the casino game or online sports betting option that you like is not available. And if it is important to you that several variants of a game type – such as roulette or blackjack – are available, it is also worth monitoring, just as you should also check whether the casino in question provides a live online casino – today already expected by more and more players – its possibility!

The online casino should work with acceptable payout limits!

Online casinos usually set payout limits. The three main types of these are related to the size of the payout and the timing of the payout, and there are online casino providers that use a combination of the two. What exactly does this mean for each payout limit?

Volume payout limit: This is essentially a specific amount that the online casino is willing to pay out in one lump sum. If e.g. the quantitative payout limit is HUF 1 million, then this is the maximum amount that the online casino will pay out on a single occasion.

Time withdrawal limit: In this case, online casinos limit the number of withdrawals that players can make within a specified time period. For example, an online casino only allows payouts once a week.

Combined payout limits: In the case of online casinos that apply a combined payout limit, both quantitative and time limits are imposed on the payout of winnings. For example, the rules of the online casino say that only one payment per week is allowed and the maximum amount is HUF 1.2 million. ((underline = word repetition)

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION! Depending on the above, be sure to check the payment limits of the selected online casino and if you are not satisfied with them, choose another online casino provider! We also take this aspect into account when compiling the List of Online Casinos 2023.

The range of bonuses provided by the online casino should be varied and available!

online casino

There are thousands of online casinos available on the Internet, so it is no wonder that new players are usually always tried to be lured to the online gaming hall with the help of some kind of discount or free extra service. These online casino bonuses are often useful, but there are also cases when it may not be worth using them. CasinoGuru’s experts have collected and presented the bonuses offered by online casinos to you in order to help you navigate this area.

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION! In relation to bonuses, always read the fine print and, of course, be the first to learn about the specific bonus types, so that the best online casino bonus is available for you. We also take this aspect into account when compiling the List of Online Casinos 2023.

The “staff” of the online casino should speak your language!

online casino

Today, the majority of online casinos are also available, which is also important because people still understand best in their native language. In addition to all of this, it does not hurt that not only the descriptions on the site are, but also that the chosen language of contact – e.g. e-mails, customer service – be.

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION! When choosing an online casino, study the General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, and other official legal statements in detail, preferably in your native language. If the documents describing the operating rules of the online casino are only available in English, and perhaps you do not understand something, ask a friend or acquaintance who knows English for help in translating. We also take this aspect into account when compiling the List of Online Casinos 2023.

The customer service of the online casino must be available and fast!

Although online casinos usually provide all the information on their site, whether in addition to the description of casino games and online sports betting options, or in the general contract and terms of use, sometimes you still cannot find the answer to a question. In this case, it doesn’t hurt if the online casino offers you the fastest and easiest way to contact them with your questions and problems. The most obvious way to do this is online chat, which is available 24 hours a day whenever possible. If an online casino provides only one e-mail address as a customer service channel, then do not expect a quick solution there under the heading of problem solving!

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