HeartHub.ca is here! ICVHealth launches new online patient information resource made for patients, by patients

July 1, 2018

ICVHealth is pleased to announce the launch of its newest patient information resource – HeartHub.ca!

The idea for HeartHub.ca first came from a previous ICVHealth research project. Health experts and coronary artery disease (CAD) patients with diabetes identified the need for consistent, credible, web-based information resources to help patients decide, along with their doctor, which treatment would be best for them. Then, a core project team at ICVHealth brought on a number of health professionals and patients across the province to plan, write, and refine the content. While the project was initially designed for diabetic patients with CAD, much of the information may be used to help guide heart treatment decisions for anyone living with this form of heart disease.

The design team wanted the website to be user-friendly, so they wrote with plain language, and plan to expand from just English. The content is currently being translated into Chinese, Punjabi, and Farsi, the three most common languages amongst these patients. The website’s multilingual features will go live by the end of August 2018.

There are also patient stories, a “mythbusters” section, and a list of pros & cons comparing various treatment options. The hope is that HeartHub.ca helps patients and their loved ones on their journey to health and wellness by providing them with tools to make the best possible decision for themselves.

Check out HeartHub.ca today and let us know what you think!